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Identity theft is a growing crime which unfortunately affects Americans from all walks of life every day. When someone fraudulently uses your name, Social Security number, credit card, bank account number or other information to open new accounts or otherwise benefit themselves, your credit history and reputation can be damaged. This can make it more difficult to obtain legitimate credit, rent an apartment, or even get a new job, in some cases.

Working with a Stein Saks, PLLC identity theft attorney can help you protect your identity from future theft, help you restore your credit record, and protect your rights in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Identity Theft

Q: What is identity theft and how does it occur?

A: Identity theft is “when someone uses your personal or financial information without your permission.”

This type of crime can come in the form of someone using your personal information to open a new account or file for a tax refund in your name; accessing and using your existing accounts; stealing your identity for medical care and services; and even identity cloning, where a criminal takes over a victim’s entire identity. Despite your efforts to safeguard your Social Security number, bank and credit account numbers, and other information, criminals can gain access to this information through data breaches, phishing scams, phone scams, mail theft, and other means.

Q: What are some of the signs of identity theft?

A: Identity theft can come in many forms. For that reason, the signs that someone has been targeted or victimized often look different from one case to the next. Sometimes, the first clue is seeing credit card charges or bank account withdrawals you can’t explain. In other cases, a merchant may refuse to take payment from you by check or you are unable to e-File your tax return because IRS records show you have already filed it. If someone used your identity for health care, you could find a legitimate claim is denied because your insurer’s records show you’ve used all your benefits for the year.

Q: What is my recourse if I’ve been victimized?

A: Becoming a victim of identity theft can damage your personal credit rating, especially when someone else’s accounts appear on your credit report. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to convince credit bureaus that the fraudulent accounts are not yours and get them to remove the accounts or other inaccurate data. If you believe someone has committed fraud using your personal information without your authorization, it is important to take action quickly. A law firm that handles identity theft issues can help cut through the red tape to remove fraudulent accounts and restore your credit. In some cases, a victim may also be able to recover damages designed to compensate them for actual losses, as well as emotional damages, punitive damages, and injunctive relief.

Why Work With an Identity Theft Lawyer?

Learning that someone stole your identity can be extremely stressful. If you have been the victim of identity theft, working with an experienced ID theft attorney can help streamline the process of protecting your credit and identity and can provide valuable peace of mind.

Attorneys who practice in this area understand the sometimes-complicated framework of identity theft protection laws and are adept at navigating the path to help clients resolve issues. This process often involves working within the criminal justice system, communicating with financial institutions, and working with other legal professionals.

Stein Saks, PLLC is committed to consumer protection. We offer identity theft legal services designed to help victims, and we can take some of the stress out of the process of correcting and repairing your credit. Your Stein Saks, PLLC attorney can work with the credit bureaus on your behalf to remove or correct false information, including removing false and fraudulent accounts once and for all.

If you have been the victim of identity theft, contact Stein Saks, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable ID theft lawyer. Litigation won’t cost you anything — our representation is FREE. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.

Litigation won’t cost you anything — our representation is FREE. Contact us today!

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