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Stein Saks, PLLC is a credit report law firm, dedicated to defending and protecting the rights of our clients. We have skilled attorneys who are licensed to practice law in numerous states. Stein Saks, PLLC is focused on providing services to help our clients who have been treated unfairly. Our practice specializes in correcting credit reporting errors and stopping creditor abuse, while specifically focusing on violations stemming from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). We also assist clients when bankruptcy is the most appropriate option based on their circumstances.

Each credit report lawyer at our firm understands the intricacies of the framework of laws in this legal niche, and knows how to stop abusive practices as quickly and effectively as possible. The FCRA, FDCPA and TCPA include rules creditors are legally obligated to follow. When a company does not adhere to the law, hiring a credit report law firm can not only stop the abuse you are suffering — your credit report attorney can also help you stand up for your rights and protect other consumers from becoming victims in the process.

If a creditor is mis-reporting on your credit report or creditors are contacting you inappropriately on your cell phone, home phone or work phone, please contact our credit report law firm. An experienced credit report attorney will work with you to discuss your options to resolve the situation. In many circumstances, you may even be able to obtain monetary compensation resulting from damages suffered from these violations.

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These laws require defendants to pay our fees and costs. Therefore, this litigation won’t cost you anything — our representation is FREE.

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These laws require defendants to pay our fees and costs. Therefore, this litigation won’t cost you anything — our representation is FREE.

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